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Unique experiences to reignite and excite your passion for life.

Main Offerings

Have we peaked your interest in how to work together? See below

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The Fighter's Gate 1:1 Coaching

Goddess Gathering Program -  6 Week Breathwork Series

Our juiciest container available!


This is a 1:1 coaching strategy that uses a trauma-informed, embodied and somatic approach to move past your perceived limitations, fears and trauma to get to the foundation of your desires and healing

What can Kali teach you about your anger?

Is it possible to tap into humour and pleasure with Baubo?


Allow the great Goddesses guide you through your healing as we explore the feminine; in her darkness, her magic, her pleasure and pain.

Special Offerings


Abundance Breathwork

Online Breathwork 

By donation


Pause for Peace

Online Breathwork 

By donation


Goddess Gatherings

In-person Women's Circle

$50 +

Our Services

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