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What is missing currently from your life?

What keeps you up at night?

Be held in a safer container to move through sticky patterns and behaviors that no longer serve your highest purpose. 

Coaching is filled with 1:1 connection customized to what you need to move forward. Using somatic tools such as breathwork and movement we get to meet our inner space with grace and softness to find the desires that drive our ultimate goals. 

What is Somatic Work?

Our bodies are intelligent beings. Think of the network of nerves that allow you to sense, the system that allows you to breathe or the hormones that call in love or intimacy. Our bodies, among the thousands of things it allows us to do, can store energy, memory and trauma.

Somatic work allows us to re-negotiate the stories that have been stored in the body so that we may experience tension release and relief. When we release the stress in the body we create space for inquiry, harmony and better access to our intuition. 

Image by Prateek Gautam
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