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Behind Red Curtains


You're probably sitting here, thumb scrolling away, wondering how you even got to this page. Perhaps you've heard about this "new age trend" called breathwork. Or maybe you've already experienced a session thinking:

"That felt uncomfortable."

"That was interesting."

"WTF is happening?!"

That was me three years ago. As I pressed on and re-learned to breathe, I have experienced more transformation and more healing than I ever thought possible. 

I gained back the years that I had spent emotional eating. I gained back my worthiness. My sense of choice. My ability to truly take care for others by filling my cup first. 

Truth be told, I am not the best meditator; I don't have time or patience to spend sitting down thinking my way through my problems. That's why breathwork was such an easy choice for me. 

If you've made it this far thinking, "what kind of witchy, hippy dippy, good juju sh*t is she on?" - I get it, I've been there. *answer: my own supply

Then I experienced it for myself. My own breath, my own source. Something so easily accessible, so simple and potent.


To find my confidence, my vitality and the strength to keep pressing on another day. For my family, my patients, for me. That is the gift I would love to give to you. 

Breathing Meditation

Breathwork FAQs

Breathwork uses continuous conscious breathing patterns to inspire immediate, deep self-healing, meditative relaxation and reawakening.

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