It's Me! Iola.

Holistic Health Advocate 
PAUSE Breathwork Facilitator
Stress Coach

Certified Pause Breathwork Facilitator l

I’m just another goddess trying to make an impact in this world. As a little girl I knew that my sole purpose was to heal, educate and hold space for people. As a nurse I have had the privilege of experiencing humans at their highest of highs and lowest of lows. I have seen suffering, and I do not believe that this story belongs to anyone.

Throughout my career and my own healing journey I have been fortunate enough to find new pathways to be with myself, to learn about myself and find a sense of home, a sense of peace, whilst wearing the hats of a nurse/wife/sister/daughter/etc,.


My mission here is to share my story and the impact of holistic healing; to fill your cup so you can fill it for others. To remind you of your innate wisdom and inner power.


In my spare time, I enjoy Buti yoga, long drives with my best friends, hot cups of tea and time spent with my rambunctious family. 

So let's chat about health and wellness. Let's chat about travelling. Let's chat about mental health, stress management and twerking. Let's explore what sets your soul on fire. 


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