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Why the Humble Moth?

The word "moth" may conjure up images of pesky, drab, brown insects that seem to do nothing more than scurry around your porch light and cling to your window screens on warm summer nights. They are inconvenient and hair-raising for some. But moths are so much more than a destructive force designed to pillage and plunder your wardrobe and any unattended, luscious fabric in your home. 

There are over 160 000 different species of moths in the world and all are vastly important to an ecosystem. They serve as major players on the bottom of food chains. They are extraordinarily good imitators, have a wild sense of smell and are incredibly effective pollinators. One might expect that their sole purpose in this world is to grow, have sex and die happy. Nice. - But there is more...

Dark, Light & Transformation

I have taken great comfort in the presence of moths over the years. When I would visit the Philippines as a child, the presence of a moth within our home would excite my relatives; it marked the arrival of a dearly departed family member. Yes, I still find it strange and weirdly wonderful that that was the significance of moths.


In many cultures, moths are a symbol for the spirit realms, for death and destruction, and over the years I have built up my own stories around them. While picturing these hairy butterflies cousins may raise hairs at the back of your neck thinking of 'Silence of the Lambs' references, they are a beautiful metaphor for transition and transformation. This has been deeply healing and nourishing for me as it relates to my nursing practice, healing and the transition of life. Moths undergo the same metamorphosis that a butterfly transitions through: they grow, they rest, they spread their wings into full self-actualization. 


Moths are curious creatures that fly under the cloak of darkness. There is a deep sense of security in the shadows and comfort in the blackness. To live in secret and not be seen or heard for the risk of chaos and destruction. And yet, they are drawn to light. To brightness and higher frequencies. In this way, moths can be associated with attraction, allure and a curiosity towards something different, perhaps something more fulfilling.


You are worthy of stepping into the warmth of your own light. You deserve to be guided through times of transition and transformation. 

It is okay to be uncomfortable; for things to be hard. You get to live between the light & dark. You get to transform beyond what is known to you right now.

I am here to support you. - Iola

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