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The Goddess Gathering Program

A 6 Week Breathwork Program to Amplify Your Confidence & Sensuality

Doors Close January 3rd


This is for a woman who:

The Pragmatically Positive

You are excited and a little scared about change, but you are ready to do it anyway. You are aware that something in you needs to shift. You are motivated and want to transform from your core, not just your head. 

The Sensitive Soul

You are deeply aware of what is happening around you and how it affects your internal landscape. You need support to find a solid foundation to move away from being a victim of circumstance.

The Queen

You desire to amplify your confidence and self-esteem so you can be in tranquil union with your partner. You want to be in your power so that you can rule in connection with yourself and those around you. 

In this program you will learn


Presented by Iola Koether,
Founder & CEO at Iola Mae Breathwork & Coaching.

Having practiced as a Registered Nurse for over a decade and certified in Trauma-informed Breathwork and Somatic Coaching, Iola has helped women release old stories and inner wounding to show up as a reliable, sensual and steadfast partner in relationship.

Woman's Torso Lying
"This program has benefited my healing, particularly with regards to my relationship with sex and love. After many negative experiences, toxicity, being used and sexual assault. I feel like my body was holding onto a lot of trauma, which has held me back from dating and enjoying sex.
After dipping my toes in the dating pool again, I realize how much more free I feel. I’m less afraid of the unknown. Realizing that I trust myself to walk away from anything that my intuition doesn’t like."

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