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What Clients Are Saying

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Iola was incredibly supportive and kind hearted. She is quite soft spoken and it makes you feel right at home. She does a good job at making you comfortable right away, even with the practice being very personal. She shares her personal experiences and hardships and right away that helps to build trust and rapport. I would recommend Iola for breathwork to any of my friends.

Iola engaged in conversation with me prior to the session to learn what my priorities and focus were. She explained things very thoroughly so I understood generically what i could expect, while still making me aware that unexpected things may come up. She still informed me of how to acknowledge those things and allow them to pass, should they surface. This was extremely helpful and allowed me to leave my conscious mind and truly enter the breath. Iola created a safe space for me to allow myself to fully surrender to the experience.

Iola always knows how to create such a beautiful container of safety - I feel so seen and held in her presence. I loved how she improvised the intention of the workshop and it all felt so perfectly divinely guided. She really attunes to each person's energy in the session and I love how she personalizes some of the cues, it makes the experience even more intimate.

Iola has an incredible gift for holding a nurturing space for her breathers, even in the container of an online group. She sees each individual for who they truly are and knows what to say exactly when it needs to be said to assist them in their journey.

Iola is a magnificent story teller. I love the energy this brings to the session. Her guidance during the breathing is reassuring and allows me to feel safe even though I do feel vulnerable due to the emotions that are stirred during the session. Her selection of music I have found relaxing and empowering.

Words just can't describe what I have gained doing breathwork with Iola. Her presence and her ability to guide you with this journey are beyond anything I've experienced in this capacity. She is true healer. 

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