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Unique experiences to reignite and excite your passion for life.

Main Offerings

Have we peaked your interest in how to work together? See below

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The Fighter's Gate 1:1 Coaching

Goddess Gathering Program -  6 Week Breathwork Series

Our juiciest container available!


This is a 1:1 coaching strategy that uses a trauma-informed, embodied and somatic approach to move past your perceived limitations, fears and trauma to get to the foundation of your desires and healing

What can Kali teach you about your anger?

Is it possible to tap into humour and pleasure with Baubo?


Allow the great Goddesses guide you through your healing as we explore the feminine; in her darkness, her magic, her pleasure and pain.

Special Offerings


Abundance Breathwork

Online Breathwork 

By donation


Pause for Peace

Online Breathwork 

By donation


Goddess Gatherings

In-person Women's Circle

$50 +

The Fighter's Gate 1:1 Coaching Program

Sometimes we simply need to be held. Heard. Witnessed. 

This 4 month 1:1 coaching container is broken up into 3 parts: Safety, Nourish & Flourish

Using these elements as our foundation for somatic practice, we are able to explore, excavate and expand our awareness into our bodies and into the parts unknown within ourselves. We learn to build a connection with our mind, emotional body and intuition, regain trust and find clarity in the desires lurking beneath the surface. 

Goddess Gathering Program

What can Isis teach us about power? May we give ourselves the permission to invoke the passion and rage of Kali Maa? Throughout this series, we will uncover the essence and power of our feminine archetypes through the lenses of goddess mythology. We will learn together to see the beauty, strength and light within ourselves. 

6 Weeks - 6 Goddesses = 1 Extraordinary Start to Your Journey

Live 60-90 minute Breathwork Sessions with Iola and your fellow goddesses once per week, Journal Prompts, Weekly Check-ins & Challenges

This is a time to hold space for yourself; a safe space to uncover, expose and reawaken the goddess inside of you. 

Abundance Breathwork

  • What do you want to call in?

  • What do you need to let go of in order to be open to receiving?


Join us for a breathwork session to call in abundance and amplify whatever it is that you desire for your life.


Whether it is in love, in wealth or even health, let's use our collective energies to amplify your voice, drop into deep relaxation and melt away your anxieties to better hear your deepest desires and show up to our waking lives in better alignment.

In-person Goddess Gathering

As women we are given little opportunity to express the radiance and unsullied wildness of our Goddess spirit in our waking lives. When we give ourselves permission to express, to connect and to simply be, it opens a new wave of possibility and fosters a strong connection with our own innate desires.


As we prepare for the first full moon of 2022, we will celebrate with:


Intuitive Movement

Story Burning

Intention Setting


Minimum 4 people, Maximum 15 people. * seasonal offering *

Pause for Peace

When was the last time you took a breather?


From staffing issues, Covid-19 restrictions, opening, locking down, skill leveling up but morale down, healthcare workers have been pushed to their limits at the cost of their mental capacity, physical resources and personal lives.


When giving and caring is at the heart of what healthcare workers do, it's difficult to take a moment to pause, re-center, recuperate and rest.


I am pleased to be offering a complimentary 60 min online breathwork session to rest your weary heart and take some time to come home to yourselves.


Breathe from the comfort of your home fully supported, held and loved.

A la Carte Breathwork

Curious about breathwork? Or you've done it and only want to do more?


These sessions are by demand and is a conversation with Iola. Whether it's one session or ten 1:1 private sessions, this listing is best to suited for those already in tune with their body and have a desire for expansion. Book a Curiosity Call and chat with Iola!

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