Breathing Meditation

What is Breathwork?

Breathwork uses continuous conscious breathing patterns to inspire immediate, deep self-healing, meditative relaxation and reawakening.


A variety of breathwork and coaching opportunities are available. Please reach out for more information on packages and pricing. 

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30 Minute Discovery Call

What are you curious about? What hurts? What ignites your passion? This is an opportunity for us to connect and experience a short integrative breath session together. Heart-to-heart we will determine if breathwork is the right fit for you and I how I can support you with your wellness goals. 

Group Breathwork Sessions

I get it. Sometimes it is scary to try new things by yourself. There is safety in numbers. 

Whether you want to try breathwork with your partner or a group of friends, this opportunity allows you to connect with others, yourself and your intuition. You can come into it with a collective intention or a private purpose. These sessions are great for team building, intimate partners and friends. 

Sessions are between 60-90 minutes depending on group size.

Minimum 2 people, Maximum 10 people.

1:1 Breathwork Sessions

These sessions are designed with you in mind. A breath, a mantra, a wish, a dream is set each time. Coupled with breathwork facilitation and coaching, we get to release emotionality or stagnant energy or call in rest, relaxation or intuition. Journal prompting and further discussion after the session is encouraged. Each session can range between 60 - 90 minutes.

Rewilding the Goddess Workshop

What can Isis teach us about power? May we give ourselves the permission to invoke the passion and rage of Kali Maa? Throughout this series, we will uncover the essence and power of our feminine archetypes through the lenses of goddess mythology. We will learn together to see the beauty, strength and light within ourselves. 

10:10 - 10 months, 10 Goddesses = 1 Extraordinary Start to Your Journey

Live 90 minute Breathwork Sessions with Iola and your fellow goddesses once per month, Journal Prompts, Weekly Check-ins & Monthly Challenges

This is a time to hold space for yourself; a safe space to uncover, expose and reawaken the goddess inside of you. 

* This is a seasonal offering - stay tuned for availability!


" Iola was authentic in her guided sessions. I felt her love and beauty come from her very being. The music selections were always well chosen and well timed. The balanced calm, passion, guidance heard and felt through her voice were so greatly felt to create this virtually-induced space of safety and acceptance for self exploration."


" Iola's judgment-less direction really helped me sink into the space without self-conscious extraction from the experience. Her reminders of "playing with the space", "you are held", "when you're ready..." and similar really helped me know that I could explore in a safe manner. "


" Iola has the ability to create such a safe container and her nurturing/comforting essence just makes me feel so incredible held. I could feel her presence with me while I was breathing and she felt so in tune with my experience. When she told me she was crying with me I knew that she felt my emotions just as deeply. Iola's beautiful spirit embraces me in the most comforting way. "


" Iola is a magnificent story teller. I love the energy this brings to the session. Her guidance during the breathing is reassuring and allows me to feel safe even though I do feel vulnerable due to the emotions that are stirred during the session. "